Saturday, January 17, 2009

Selfish Knitting, Stashbusting and Stashbuilding.

I think I may have used up all of my selflessness at Christmas. Far as I can tell, everyone who was likely to appreciate a handmade gift got one. The exception would be Mum, but she got sock yarn instead and has been chugging away on her second set of 4 ply socks.

Since the fat man came, I have barely produced an item for another. I did invest 2 hours in production of a frap holder for Beth's Mum but that was such a triffling that I am not sure it even counts. So far I have finished my Leaf Tee Shirt and a Sassymetrical and have now embarked upon Tank Girl from Stitch n Bitch.

I have been committed to trying to get through some of the larger amounts of yarn that I have had sitting in stash. The Leaf Tee was made from Amaizing that I bought and age ago from an Ecoyarns sale. The Sassy was knit in Cotton Fleece that I also bought an age ago from an Ebay seller. The Tank Girl is also a stashbusting exercise, using up some more of the Moda Vera Eleni that I bought on impulse from Spotlight sometime shortly after the birth of Christ.

A better person than I would probably continue on this stashbusting campaign but I confess that I have dabbled in some stashbuilding instead. In my defence, I did off load some yarn that I was not likely to use anytime soon on Ravelry so I did earn some pennies for stash enhancement that way.

So, I present my lastest babies.

Some Happy Spider Glitz and 5 ply sock yarn from Yarn Collective. Reasonable prices and excellent service. The Glitz I purchased specifically to make some winter goodies for some of my knit-wearing girls. The sock yarn is for me (well you do need to take full advantage of the postage).

Sam and I also put in an order to American Yarns for some Sugar 'n Cream. I admit that I just wanted to see what the buzz was about. I have to say that the colours are lovely. Much nicer than I have seen in any Aussie cotton. I will be very interested to see how it knits up.

And my absolute favourite! Kyoto 5ply sock yarn from the lovely Mandie at Ewe Give me the Knits. I must apologise to Mandie in that the photo in no way does her dyeing justice. This yarn is luminescent and I just LOVE it! Add to my absolute adoration of this yarn the fact that it came overnight and I can not recommend the yarn or the service highly enough.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so thrilled that you're loving Kyoto :)
Happy Knitting..xo