Monday, August 8, 2011

It's Hip to Knit Sqaures

My knitting time of late has been taken up with knitting blanket squares for the Save the Children Fund's Born to Knit campaign. Basically, you knit 20cm x 20cm (44sts x 88 rows) squares in 8ply (dk) pure wool and join 16 together to make a baby blanket. I have done some squares for the boy's school and have also vowed to make a whole blanket myself.

I am up to square 8, nearly halfway, and it has been really enjoyable. I think that charity knitting is great for the soul. Giving your time to create something for someone you will never meet is an interesting concept. I like to think that the item will be a cherished item that will be immensely handy to its recipient.

You know what I think would be cool? If some of the readers of this blog joined me in my charity knitting. You might want to knit one square and post it to me (email me for the address) to join squares made by others or do your own blanket and hand it in yourself. I will give a random, yarny prize to someone who joins me on the quest by either knitting a square and sending it to me or knitting their own blanket and posting a link in the comments.

Come on knitters, lets cover the world in wool!