Monday, July 18, 2011


Maybe I do have a small problem....

But I mean, aren't they pretty?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Knitting Naughty Corner

Do you have a knitting naughty corner? You the place projects go when they have committed the mortal fibre sins of not working, being boring or just losing your eternal love? I certainly have the KNC. Projects might languish there for days, months or even years. They go there for so many different reasons. Mainly it is because I have found better, more interesting or more pressing things to do. Last week I decided it was time to tackle the KNC and make some hard decisions about the fate of the recalcitrants dwelling there in.

This escaped! As far as I remember it went to the corner about Christmas last year for the sin of not working properly. As often happens with lace, I repeated the same row about 3 times, got the wrong number of stitches 3 times and cracked it once! Off to the KNC it went and there it stayed. I bought it out again last week and finished it off.

Luna Moth Shawl by Shui Kuen Kozinski knit with 8ply Bendigo Cotton in black (well technically I think the colour is called 'Noir' but it's black). My original plan had been to knit a cotton shawl for the summer months, you know, when the evening cools and such. It has become a winter finish but I am sure it will useful none the less.

It was a kind of enjoyable knit. The pattern is not particularly intuitive and it easy to mess up if you lapse in concentration. Would I do it again? Probably not.

The KNC isn't empty yet although this has managed to escape and is currently being finished.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Gotta Love Cute.

My beautiful little red-headed warrior requested the production of a Cats hat that "looked like it had ears" after he saw a hat that I made for the CCPAS auction. No worries, found some leftover white something or other, found a scrap of leftover navy whosawhatsit and set to work. Of course needed more than a scrap of the navy so headed off the next day to Lincraft*, grabbed some navy Cozy Wool and finished right smartly.

Looks cute huh?

Even cuter close up!

I tacked the corners in so they would stand up even better, so the warrior was very pleased. Little did I know that my mission was not yet complete. Apparently such a hat requires a matching "tail like Half-Cat" and so I went back to work.

Now tell me, is this the cutest thing ever?

* Is it just me or is the range at Lincraft always disappointing? There are some lovely looking yarns but you pick them up and they are overpriced, acrylic rubbish. I only went there because it was closer and was again just utterly confused with the decisions that their marketing department makes.