Sunday, July 3, 2011

Gotta Love Cute.

My beautiful little red-headed warrior requested the production of a Cats hat that "looked like it had ears" after he saw a hat that I made for the CCPAS auction. No worries, found some leftover white something or other, found a scrap of leftover navy whosawhatsit and set to work. Of course needed more than a scrap of the navy so headed off the next day to Lincraft*, grabbed some navy Cozy Wool and finished right smartly.

Looks cute huh?

Even cuter close up!

I tacked the corners in so they would stand up even better, so the warrior was very pleased. Little did I know that my mission was not yet complete. Apparently such a hat requires a matching "tail like Half-Cat" and so I went back to work.

Now tell me, is this the cutest thing ever?

* Is it just me or is the range at Lincraft always disappointing? There are some lovely looking yarns but you pick them up and they are overpriced, acrylic rubbish. I only went there because it was closer and was again just utterly confused with the decisions that their marketing department makes.


Anonymous said...

Super cute hat, tail and boy!! :)

And yep, I totally agree about Lincraft. I've only been there twice and I kept seeing yarns I liked the look of...until I had a look at the label and it was all acrylic, argh!
Unfortunately Spotlight seems to be going much the same way here and the only other yarn store has closed down!

Alrischa said...

If you win the lotto and open a yarn store in Ballarat, I'll come every day! Put in a comfy chair or ten, and I might even move in.

Denise said...

Wow, super cute! the cap and the owner of it! ;o)