Sunday, March 14, 2010

My own private Everest.

Yesterday, through the slight haze of a beer induced headache, it came to my attention that Jason was playing his cricket semi-final. "Not a problem" I thinks to myself, "he should have fun and I will laze about the house pretending not to see the refuse from the night before, watching some TV and generally being sloth-like". Then the non-hungover voice spoke words of reason. "If Jason is playing in the semi-final then that means that he has, at best, three weeks of cricket left and, if he loses, today and tomorrow!"

"Today and tomorrow?" hungover Jacki thinks. Not that I hoped he would lose but I have to admit that the hungover Jacki was rather pleased with the thought of the season being nearly over. "But you are making him a cricket vest" says non-hungover Jacki "and if he loses this game he won't play again until next summer. Wouldn't it be nicer if you finished it for tomorrow?"

Hungover Jacki thought about this for a moment (or ten) and agreed that "yes, that would be nice" and my sloth-likeness turned into knitting-like-a-manic-to-finish-the-vest-todayness.

I knitted like a woman possessed. I made up the pattern as I went. I messed up the pattern, frogged back and made it up again. But Everest was climbed! At 12.30am last night the blocking started and it was finished this morning under (thankfully) brilliant Autumn sun.

At 12 noon Jason pranced off to cricket in his new vest. Okay the back was still a mite damp but other than that it was finished!

I love the centre cable, it looks oh so fancy (but really wasn't that hard) and I would like to report that the whole thing was done without a cable needle. Do yourself a favour - learn to cable without a cable needle! You will never go back.

If I am to be honest the neck finish is so-so and a more finicky person would do it again, but Jase is happy and thus I am happy.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bad Jacki, Naughty Jacki

Well, I guess you know that you have neglected your blog when even your mother tells you "it has been a long time since you posted anything on your knitting blog thing". Yep, she calls it a blog thing. Those wacky older people, sorry, I mean people "of a certain age".

Now that I have ensured that my mother is going to kill me, disown me or refuse to babysit the kids; I suppose I should move on to something interesting.

Problem is, there hasn't really been that much of interest happening. Of course stuff has been happening. Hell, I have a husband and three kids. Stuff is ALWAYS happening. But nothing "blog-worthy" seems to have gone down. FOs have been thin on the ground owing to school information nights, housework, a social life, trips away and life in general.

I did finish a cardi but I really need to take nicer photos of it to blog it properly. I'll get back to it okay?

I have started a few things. A jumper for me is in the naughty corner owing to a rogue stitch at the underarm that refuses to cooperate. We will have a stern talk at some stage and it might survive through to completion. I have also frogged Jason's cricket vest after many complaints as to its incorrect sizing (okay it was a little snug) and I have restarted a new version. Here is a progress shot with showy big central cable....

I also have a pair of socks on the go after seeing them on the Yarn Harlot's blog called Sleepy Hollow. Yes I do feel like a bit of a Harlot Harlot following Steph but if you look at them you have to admit they are darn nice socks and I am intrigued with the gusset technique. Is it really my fault that I get a little excited by a new gusset technique? I never said I wasn't geeky. Look, there isn't much to see but here you go (I only started last night okay).

Well there you go Mum, I updated the "blog thing", my apologies for my slackness but sometimes real life gets in the way of cyber life - thankfully.