Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Curly Purly!

My first (and probably last) Curly Purly soaker. I am pretty happy with it and it did get the Sam stamp of approval. Not to mention that I did get it done in 4 days! For those that need to know it is NZ wool co 10 ply heather.

I should probably clarify that I loved this pattern (apart from the need for 3 different sized circulars). The reason this will probably be my first and last is more about the age of the bum than the pattern.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

FO's, WIP's and SEX!

I have just been made aware of the term SEX - Stash Enhancing eXpedition - and I love the expression (thanks Tania). Friday saw Sam and I head down to sunny (and windy) Geelong for a knit-along being run in the name of Reusable Nappy Week. We met up with Tania and a mob of the Geelong girls for a lovely gossip and knit. To be honest I didn't knit a thing. I cast on a soaker with Rohan sitting on my knee and it was so shoddily done that I frogged it. Georgie did a fabulous job of organising and it was fantastic to meet her, Megsie, Tracee, Mary and the others (sorry I am terrible with names).

The knit-along turned into a SEX with side visits to Stitchery Blue (once Sam and I finally found it) and a little fabric store that Georgie worded me up on.

This Tyrol is destined to become a nice, cosy scarf for me. It is a ways down the TTD list but the holidays do start for me next Friday...

I am not sure which of these fabrics are destined for the store and which might end up as skirts for me. If my regular readers see anything that especially piques their interest please drop me an email and we will talk. ;)

Now for my other bits and pieces. I have finished my bolero! Here it is on the floor and dodgily modelled by me to prove that it actually fits! Excuse the multiple chins, bleary eyes and dopey look. It was so close to finished Thursday night that I stayed up to finish it off. It could still do with a good blocking but I am fairly happy with it.

Lastly, my WIP, a curly purly soaker for Rohan. Given that this is the weekend's effort I am pretty happy with my progress. Gotta love 10ply and larger needles!

If you got this far. thanks for reading my mad rantings! Have a great week.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Time for an update

Some bits and pieces to show you all. Nothing specific really just random snap shots of the last week or so. Firstly my oldest and youngest boys chilling out on the couch. This photo is just so cute that I had to publish it. Do excuse the big guy's odd facial colouring - he isn't auditioning for a role as Santa Claus, he had been playing cricket all day with a heap of sunscreen on!

Next are the longies that I have finished for Rohan. Now I just need some cooler weather to come before he toilet trains! There have been a few wees on the potty but honestly I think they were mostly fluke. He certainly isn't aware of any need to pee just yet.

Then, thanks to Sam for telling me that there was a wool sale on at Kmart there is the pile of uncommitted wool that I bought yesterday. I have no idea what any of it will become but it was so nice and so cheap...

Whilst at Kmart I also grabbed these Bonds items that I intend to applique sometime in the near future. In my mind the purple pants have flowers all up on leg and the blue pants have ships on them but we will see what takes me when I sit at the machine.

Lastly, my progress on the bolero top for me...

Oh..and if you are interested there are pictures of the last semi-custom that I made (would you believe that I forgot to take any) up on Nappycino. I am so pleased that it's new owner loved it enough to publish photos of it. It was quite humbling to be honest.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Light my Fire!

"Come on baby light my fire...". The Doors rock! This fabric was just so cool that it had to become a knitting bag for a hot knitter out there.

There have been some changes to my design that I am really pleased with. I have altered the front pocket so that it is much larger and the handles are longer and interfaced. This bag is so cool that I was tempted to list mine as slightly used and keep this for myself!

Once again I have decided to offer it in a quickie auction for a change.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Semi-finals Time!

Jason's cricket team, Golden Point, have made it through to the semi-finals of the Ballarat Cricket Association. Good for him! Unfortunately it does mean that he is playing pretty much all day Saturday and all day Sunday this weekend. If he wins the following two weekends are Saturday and Sunday.

Given that I am going to be home most of the weekend with Rohan sleeping and the fact that it easier to have three at home than three out and about, I thought I might as well offer a semi-custom knitting bag for someone. For a change I have decided to auction it, ending tomorrow arvo.

I also got some great new fabrics at Spotlight today. This one is currently half a knitting bag and should be finished tomorrow. I might have bought the fabric and forgotten to buy more thread.....

I have also just about finished Rohan's longies, just a few rows to go on the last cuff and ends to sew in. The next knitting project is going to be this little bolero top for me. I am going to try it in NZ Utiku berry colourway and see how that goes.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

What's on the needles...

In hindsight the hideous undoing of my headscarf has been a blessing in disguise. It corresponded with my order arriving from NZ Wool Company and allowed me to start knitting Rohan's longies without guilt. I know that I can have more than one project on the go at once but I have a nasty habit of never coming back to stuff. Just ask Jason - he is still waiting for his cricket sweater. I am waiting for him to retire....

So here is the progress on my longies. I am loving the colourway. So much so that I have ordered more and intend to make Bevan (and ipso facto, in time Duncan then Rohan by process of hand me down) a jumper. This is my first attempt at an enclosed waist band and it isn't too bad. A bit crooked in places but only by a stitch. Now I just have to resist the temptation to revert to shorties and have them finished sooner.

Sewing you ask? Maybe next weekend. I feel the need for a Wee Wooly for myself and I might get a knitting bag finished for someone else. To be honest I am framing up some alterations to my design that I am dying to try out!

Friday, March 2, 2007

A plug!

I just love my Beetlebums! Here is Rohan's chilli nappy specially made for us by Mel. How cute is it? As Molly would say...."Do yourself a favour...".