Monday, August 30, 2010

And they said it couldn't be done!

Yep, those are bona fide dolphin pants you see there! Of course receipt of said pants did elicit mutterings of gloves.....

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The things we do for love.

As you may have gathered my youngest, Rohan, is quite the demander when it comes to handmade goodies. This is a man who likes handmade, knows what he wants and is not at all afraid to ask for it. Surely I blogged about the Muppet made of dead Muppet that he thought would be great fun? No? I just checked and I didn't. Okay, I shall digress momentarily from the original purpose of this post to tell you about the Muppet from Dead Muppet (MDM).

I took Rohan shopping with me one day to Spotlight and he picked up some novelty yuck. I chortled and told him that it was dead Muppet and that it come from the pelts of Muppets that had "gone to the farm". (I should add here that we do have a very warped sense of humour here and these sorts of comments are seen as hilariously funny). This led to him wandering around Spotlight commenting (and giggling) on the mountains of DM until he came to some seriously bright red cack that he decided was perfect Elmo colour and that I should knit him a MDM.

Wishing to encourage the love of handmade goodness I obliged and this resulted...

Rohan was particularly taken by the pom-pom eyes and apparently the "little black bits in the eyes are very impressive"! Not that you can see them in this shot but they are definitely there.

Anyway, back to the original story. Yesterday I was informed that Rohan's toy dolphin, Dolphin-Seal (yes that is really his name), was suffering under the burden of this recent cold snap and required some clothes to keep his dolphiny-goodness warm. It would seem that what Dolphin-Seal needed most was a jumper, knitted and made in his favourite colour - black. It was also related that Dolphin-Seal needed this very quickly as he was particularly cold and it would be best if I made it right then.

Because it is impossible to say no too often to a cute little ranga who likes his stuff handmade I went and found some Woolbale I picked up cheap one day and proceeded to measure Dolphin-Seal up for his jumper. Dolphins, as I am sure you know, are difficult creatures to outfit. This may account for the fact that they spend most of their lives au naturale. There had to be fin holes (because Dolphin-Seal likes to pick things up and give fin cuddles) and naturally his dorsal fin couldn't be folded over in the back of his jumper. So after measuring twice and knitting once, I give you Dolphin-Seal and his very spunky jumper, a labour of love for my little ginger.

Dolphin-Seal and his new apparel have taken off to school today for news such is the impressiveness of the work. I am a little worried though. As happy as the Rohmeister was with the jumper, he now tells me that Dolphin-Seal needs pants!