Sunday, November 29, 2009

Introducing Tayla Jade!

After having a fantastic time taking photos today with my little friends Bella and Hannah, I can now give you "Tayla Jade". A halter neck top for girls aged 1 to 12. This one was designed for my goddaughter Tayla and I wanted it to be light and cool (hence the lace) but also have good coverage in the back and top, after all she is my angel!

For sizing reference, Bella is wearing a size 8 which has plenty of room to be worn this season and next. Hannah is wearing a size 2 which would have fit last season and still fits this.

The pattern for Tayla Jade is available from Ravelry. Just click the button below!

Felix coming this week, I promise!


Sam said...

very cute! I think the size 8 would fit Amber too.

catsmum said...

very cute :]