Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A quick rethink.

Some of you might remember that the yarn fairy visited my place awhile ago and delivered some gorgeous hand-dyed Polwarth. I had started a lace scarf back then and was quite liking it, but....

It was taking FOREVER and I had visions of it being finished in time for next winter. Then at work the other day some of the girls were wearing cute little pink and grey scarves. Subsequent enquiries revealed that the scarves were a freebie with this month's Dolly magazine. As reading teenage magazines is considered research in my business, I decided to buy the mag, pocket the scarf and frog the WIP.

My new idea, a cute matching hat and mittens. Well here is the hat. Finished once, proclaimed to short in the crown, half-frogged and finished again. It is styled on this. I say styled on it because the pattern was knit from the top down which seemed a silly idea to me, so I flipped it upside down and knit from the bottom up. I also added in some rows in the crown to allow for the 8ply wool.

Oh and excuse the manic look...it's hard taking your own photo!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

As winter sets in

I thought that I should get some winter woolies made for the bigger boys as the brrrr really sets into Ballarat.

I bought some 'cheap as chips' cream wool from Kmart sometime ago when they were having a clear out with the intention of trying some food dye dyeing. Well I tried....

The result is nowhere near stunning but the boys liked it and made their requests. Bevan wanted a beanie so that was a bit of a no brainer, no pattern deal. Duncan wanted mittens - much more of a Google job. I found this pattern and made him the 6/7 size with some shortening for his stumpy little fingers. Everyone seems fairly pleased with their stuff.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

What I've been up to.

I have finished Rohan's latest vest (well okay the ends aren't sewn in) knit in BFL and is deliciously soft. Obviously to compensate for my screw up last time this one is rather large. I meant to knit an 8 ply size 2 (thinking it would be a little larger in aran weight) but accidentally cast on the size 4. That small dot next to the shot of the front? That is all the yarn I had left from the project.

I also finally got Bevan's jumper finished - Woody from Debbie Bliss knit in Utiku (ocean colourway). So much stocking stitch! I have to admit that Mummy seamed it up for me. By the time I finally finished the knitting I must admit I had lost enthusiasm for the project. Bevan seems to like it though and that is the main thing.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Just a little plug..

I have set "See the Horses" live on Ozebaby until Saturday! I guarntee that this is going to be gorgoeus regardless of what it turns into!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

The Visit of the Yarn Fairy..

I had a visit from the yarn fairy yesterday. :) She brought me the loveliest things. Firstly there is some divine Wendy Dennis Polwarth wool in glorious pinks, creams and greys. It is just beautiful and my fairy yarnmother knew that it was just what I wanted. I am slowly turning it into a lace scarf. She also came up with some gorgeous cream BFL that I am using as bands on a the next vest for Rohan (or will it just add to Angus' stash). The body is knit in Mosaic Moon "Mint Mocha" BFL. The progress thus far...

A group of us had a lovely day today for Worldwide Knit in Public Day. Sam, Tania, Susie, Betty (my Mum) and I went to Funbugs and knit for many hours. Tania was the only one smart enough to take a camera so hopefully she will have some shots on her blog sometime in the near future.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Too funny not to blog!

Jason's "chicken on a bottle" from The Vodka Cookbook cooking in the oven.

The sad, sad tale of the vest.

I have some shadow-dyed 8 ply that I picked up from Willabaa here in Ballarat. I figured it would be great in a little vest for my mini-poindexter and I set about completing the task. I matched the colours at the neck with precision, I did my best job of picking up stitches for the bands I have ever done and the whole product looked just swell. See.....

Well it looks great but would you believe that the neck circumference is 2" smaller than my dearly beloved's head? Oh well, hopefully my nephew Angus will get some wear out of it.

With my vest hopes dashed I decided to knit Rohan a hat (what he actually thought his vest was anyway) from the same yarn. Now how cute is this?

And he insisted on showing the top.

And I thought I might also show off the lovely yarns that I have recieved lately. The skein is "Wizard" from Dyelicious and the sock yarn is "Turkish Delight" from Monster Knits.