Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A quick rethink.

Some of you might remember that the yarn fairy visited my place awhile ago and delivered some gorgeous hand-dyed Polwarth. I had started a lace scarf back then and was quite liking it, but....

It was taking FOREVER and I had visions of it being finished in time for next winter. Then at work the other day some of the girls were wearing cute little pink and grey scarves. Subsequent enquiries revealed that the scarves were a freebie with this month's Dolly magazine. As reading teenage magazines is considered research in my business, I decided to buy the mag, pocket the scarf and frog the WIP.

My new idea, a cute matching hat and mittens. Well here is the hat. Finished once, proclaimed to short in the crown, half-frogged and finished again. It is styled on this. I say styled on it because the pattern was knit from the top down which seemed a silly idea to me, so I flipped it upside down and knit from the bottom up. I also added in some rows in the crown to allow for the 8ply wool.

Oh and excuse the manic look...it's hard taking your own photo!


Sam said...

Looks great! It's nice soft wool too, so won't be scratchy on your head ;)

April said...

Oh Jacki...lol, I can't help but giggle at that photo...you made it worse with the maniac comment!! The beanie does look fab though :D

Am tagging you for the 8 things about me/Meme thingy