Saturday, June 2, 2007

The sad, sad tale of the vest.

I have some shadow-dyed 8 ply that I picked up from Willabaa here in Ballarat. I figured it would be great in a little vest for my mini-poindexter and I set about completing the task. I matched the colours at the neck with precision, I did my best job of picking up stitches for the bands I have ever done and the whole product looked just swell. See.....

Well it looks great but would you believe that the neck circumference is 2" smaller than my dearly beloved's head? Oh well, hopefully my nephew Angus will get some wear out of it.

With my vest hopes dashed I decided to knit Rohan a hat (what he actually thought his vest was anyway) from the same yarn. Now how cute is this?

And he insisted on showing the top.

And I thought I might also show off the lovely yarns that I have recieved lately. The skein is "Wizard" from Dyelicious and the sock yarn is "Turkish Delight" from Monster Knits.


Tania said...

Fabulous vest :) Shame about the neck opening :( Love the hat though - what a wee gorgeous little man you have there.

Sam said...

steek! steek! steek!