Sunday, May 27, 2007

Firsts and happenings.

A few little unrelated happenings around here this week /weekend. Yesterday Rohan had his first haircut. Given that he turns three in September we have waited awhile for this one! He was such an angel and seemed to love the attention - just like his Mum. ;)

Bevan finally lost the front tooth that seems to have been wiggly for ever! It feel out on the way out of school on Thursday and he was so excited.

I thought I should put in a photo of Duncan for balance. Here is not quite enjoying his haircut as much as his little brother. He was crabby because he lost the coin toss and had to go first.

And lastly, last nights cook out! The kids wanted to camp out but it freezing here at night so we compromised by putting up the tent and having a cookout on our little BBQ fire. We cooked sausages and steak and then roasted marshmallows. Duncan's friend Patrick was having a sleepover too so it was hectic but great fun. The kids finished the night by sitting around the "campfire" and telling ghost stories that were hilarious.

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Sam said...

I didn't notice Rohans haircut! It was hidden under his hoodie all day!

Cookout looks fun - cold but fun :)