Saturday, December 30, 2006

Do you like pink?

My first preview (I feel like such a big girl)! This is a matching nappy roll and tote bag, designed for Mum not for baby. For some time I have been intrigued as to why the neccessities of babyness (the bags, the accessories and all the other guff we are forced to carry) are so child orientated. Does the baby have to carry them about?

Hence, this is designed for Mum. She has to carry it and she should like it. I also don't think it needs to be the size of a small semi trailer. With these two items you have everything for a quick nappy change and a bag to carry extra kiddy clothes and your own bits and pieces. The bag has a patterned pocket inside for the phone, keys, etc.

The nappy roll has pockets to hold a few nappies (2 dispossable or 1 cloth), a travel pack of wipes and a third pocket for nappy bags. All this rolls up into the cute little packet at the top.

Of course now that I have made this one I am a bit diasappointed about the one I made for myself yesterday. It is just put together out of bits from the fabric stash and is not near as cute. Oh well, I am sure I will cope and I rationalised it by hoping that my two year old might not be in nappies for that much longer (yeah right).

Well there you are. A start.

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