Sunday, December 31, 2006

Let's here it for the boys!

Further things to show. A matching blanket, appliqued bib and taggy man. These are in a beautiful soft flannelette. The blanket is large enough for swaddling or for use as a pram blanket. The bib is appliqued with "Oh Boy" and a star and has a velcro closure. The taggy man is small enough for little hands and has ribbon hair for texture. Everything is sheep on the one side and stripes on the reverse.

This is the first of many such sets I have planned. As a teaser here are some of the other fabrics destined for blanketness.

Here are also some fabrics that will most likely become nappy rolls and totes, but then again you never know. They might just end up as cute little hand bags for Mummies.

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Sam said...

boy... someone has been a busy beaver! gorgeous stuff Jack.