Monday, January 1, 2007

New Year's Plans

I decided this morning that I would use New Year's Day to sew. I set up the lounge room as my own mini sweat shop and away I went. So far I have finished another nappy roll and tote set. I love this fabric. The very first set I made was in these colourings for my good friend Antoinette. The only problem is that her "one of a kind" creation is now not so "one of a kind". She can rest easy though, hers is still a little different to this one.

Like all my rolls this one is lined in lovely polar fleece. So soft to change baby on and just that bit water repellent. The other great thing is that the whole lot can just be thrown in the washing machine if the unthinkable happens and that nappy change goes all bad!

Now what shall I make this arvo? The sweat shop is still there so I should make something else. Hmmm..... I could do another blanket set or there is some of the brown and the pink fabric lying around that just might want to become little hand bags. I guess we'll see where the inspiration takes me after lunch.

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