Tuesday, June 19, 2007

What I've been up to.

I have finished Rohan's latest vest (well okay the ends aren't sewn in) knit in BFL and is deliciously soft. Obviously to compensate for my screw up last time this one is rather large. I meant to knit an 8 ply size 2 (thinking it would be a little larger in aran weight) but accidentally cast on the size 4. That small dot next to the shot of the front? That is all the yarn I had left from the project.

I also finally got Bevan's jumper finished - Woody from Debbie Bliss knit in Utiku (ocean colourway). So much stocking stitch! I have to admit that Mummy seamed it up for me. By the time I finally finished the knitting I must admit I had lost enthusiasm for the project. Bevan seems to like it though and that is the main thing.


Sam said...

oooo! Love them both! Can't wait to see Rohan in the vest.

Tania said...

Love that vest :)