Friday, March 9, 2007

Semi-finals Time!

Jason's cricket team, Golden Point, have made it through to the semi-finals of the Ballarat Cricket Association. Good for him! Unfortunately it does mean that he is playing pretty much all day Saturday and all day Sunday this weekend. If he wins the following two weekends are Saturday and Sunday.

Given that I am going to be home most of the weekend with Rohan sleeping and the fact that it easier to have three at home than three out and about, I thought I might as well offer a semi-custom knitting bag for someone. For a change I have decided to auction it, ending tomorrow arvo.

I also got some great new fabrics at Spotlight today. This one is currently half a knitting bag and should be finished tomorrow. I might have bought the fabric and forgotten to buy more thread.....

I have also just about finished Rohan's longies, just a few rows to go on the last cuff and ends to sew in. The next knitting project is going to be this little bolero top for me. I am going to try it in NZ Utiku berry colourway and see how that goes.

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