Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

No! It's Tank Girl!

All finished up and being worn in the sweltering 40 degree heat today (actually my thermometer says 40.3 but should we really quibble about 0.3 of a degree). As it is we are battened down with all the blinds closed and the fans on but it is going to get hotter and we are going to swelter. This is the second or third hot day in a row and whilst our house is pretty good from an insulation and temperature regulation perspective, it is starting to get to the point where it is nearly 30 degrees inside. Oh well, it is summer and you do have to accept these things.

Back to the tank (there is every possible that I got waylaid for a while there). As I am sure I have told you previous, it is knit in leftover, from stash Moda Vera Eleni in Soft Grey and Periwinkle Blue. I figured on fairly early that I didn't have enough of the grey so decided that a little below booby stripe of blue was the go. The blue and grey are quite tonal and as a result there are times were the blue is barely visible and then it "flashes" out like it has magically appeared. Rather neat really.

The pattern is Tank Girl from the book Stitch n Bitch: A Knitter's Handbook. It is an interesting texture and I quite like it. Is it my favourite thing I have ever knit? No, but it beats the hell out of some of my recent froggings. I modified the pattern to knit the main body in the round. A reasonable mod I thought at the start. What I didn't allow for was the positionings of the knits and purls for the shoulders and thus some fiddling was needed here. I also increased the width of the shoulders by 3 stitches to better hide a bra strap.

I have now moved onto more selfish, stashbusting knitting with Hope by Jennie Pakula from Yarn Magazine. I am using some Panda Heath in a lovely teal colour that I bought ludicrously cheaply from Sue's in Sebastopol. Locals should note that her range has improved quite a lot of late and the service is lovely and friendly.

I think I have decided that I am going to join this in the round and knit it as a jumper from here on in rather than a cardigan. I just think that I might wear a jumper more often than a cardigan. It should (hopefully) become a nice little henley style jumper with a button placard (is that what it's called).


Bec said...

Go tank girl ;-)

Amanda said...

Great tank and so necessary in this dreadful heat. I like the look of your Hope - great colour choice.

SYLVIE said...

Nice tank top. The weather sounds a lot better than the -18 celsius and all the snow we're having these days!

catsmum said...

Hope's in my queue - I like the idea of the placket and turning it into a jumper, so I'LL BE WATCHING !!