Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I fear this is becoming an obsession

I saw this pattern - Alexis Layton's Radiating Star Blanket - yesterday morning on the new patterns section of Ravelry. I think that about 10 minutes passed between that moment and the printing of the pattern. It may have taken me about 5 minutes to find the yarn and a few more to find the appropriate needles. No more than 30 minutes later I had cast on and was off and running.

It is great when a design just grabs you and makes you want so desperately to make it that you can't wait. I hope that some of my designs do that to people (but the little person on my shoulder says no). Even better is that it is using stash yarn that I have had forever!

You know the kind of yarn. It was cheap (I think 50c a ball, $1 tops), there were largish quantities and I was there. It is cotton/acrylic Moda Vera Eleni. Not a terrible yarn but a bulky cotton? What was I thinking.

In a happy case of kismet it is performing beautifully in the blanket and I am so enjoying knitting this up. I am up to row 55 (of 95) and the going is slowing but it is still delightful to see the pattern develop as you go.


Fi said...

Oh yeah - I can see me knitting it too!! And I know just the wool....... Its not one that has been in the stash for that long, but its a perfect use of the wool.

Shannon said...

I have to knit this too! I don't have the yarn though. It's looking great, speedy until now hey?

Sam said...

I know the exact feeling, welcome to Lizard-Ridge-Land! And tell that little shoulder person to STFU ;)

Amanda said...

Ah, bliss. Isn't it wonderful; when it all comes together like that.