Friday, October 17, 2008

Progress made, a gift and a halt in proceedings.

this is my 201st blog post. Who'd have thought? And I think there are still some people left reading. Miraculous!

The Oriel Lace Scarf is coming along very nicely, or at least I think so. I would reckon that I am about half way through the skein and it does seem a pity not to use it all. Here is some detail of the lace pattern (ably stretched by Bevan for your perusal).

And some idea of it's current, unstretched length. I think this thing is going to be a monster when it is blocked but, as I don't mind a long scarf, I am sure there are others about of a like mind. The colour is funky too. It is much less purple in real life and far more magenta. I need to photograph it in the morning instead of waiting till the late afternoon.

And someone clearly knows the way to my heart. I received an early birthday gift in the mail yesterday from a dear friend in the States (on behalf of all of my dear Haven friends). There was some Bernat Alpaca Blend, some Lion Wool and some Lovely Bamboo that is so lucious. It is almost like chenille but even nicer. There was also a book filled with ideas for felted goodies.

The scarf is on hiatus for a few days oweing to some emergency and top secret knitting that needs to be completed. I can't say much just yet except to tell you that I am deliriously excited and can't wait for you all to find out.


Sam said...

I'm deliriously excited for you too! The Oriel scarf is looking great, and you are very lucky to have such lovely friends in the US!

Amanda said...

Your Oriel is a beauty. Look forward to the completed project. And what a yummy parcel - lucky girl!

Kylie said...

The scarf looks great - you can just see the different colours in the top photo - very pretty.