Saturday, October 4, 2008


How stunning is this? It has turned out even better than I could have imagined. There have been no mods except for one knit round at the very start to join the 8 cast on stitches into the round. It took 5 1/2 balls of Moda Vera Eleni in Stardust and measures about 90cm across. It is off to my friend Antoinette for the newly born Will. Hopefully they both like it and it keeps him warm and snuggly or sheltered from the sun.

Spring is funny like that and I think that makes cotton the ideal fibre for a baby blanket this time of year. Folded in half it will be quite warm. Singled it will make a great shade cover over the pram. Well off to the hospital to deliver many gifts.

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Fi said...

Stunning!! Lucky recipient.
I started mine the other day, and got about 1 ball in before I decided it wasn't going to be big enough for what I wanted. But I will knit it again.... After my current project ;)