Thursday, September 11, 2008

I Did It!

I bit the bullet, I vowed this was not going to beat me and I seamed that damn thing!

I need to grab some buttons (I am thinking wooden toggles) and then I am done. That may not stop me from wearing it tomorrow though!

I am glad that I decided to have a go at this. It may not be a super job but it is pretty good and I am pleased enough with it. See I can seam it would seem!


Bec said...

Congratulations! It looks fab.
I suck at seaming too - My mum doesn't knit so I send stuff to my nanna ;-)

Amanda said...

That looks great and well worth the effort.

Sam said...

yes, and it looked great on you today too! Well done. I'm sure Betty is pleased too :P

Georgie said...

Go you good thing! Well done. It looks fabulous.