Monday, September 15, 2008

And the Children Busily Worked...

One of the few joys of teaching year 12 students (well apart from the fact that they are studious and fun and delightful and mature and fun) is that every 4 weeks or so they have to write what we call a SAC (school assessed coursework). They get to write one of these for anywhere between 2 and 5 periods of school time only and I have to watch them do it. So whilst they all diligently write their very last psychology SAC and I watch them, I can tell you about my latest pair of socks!

I call them Seedy Socks because they remind me of strawberries with their little seeds dotted throughout. I like the subtle texture that doesn't detract from the lovely Artyarns Merino. There is every possibility that I will get around to writing this pattern up as I do really like them.

It will have to wait until the school holidays though (roll on school holidays) and be done around marking the SACs that my angels are currently writing.

1 comment:

Kebeni said...

nice socks!

I thought you were going to say you knitted while they wrote LOL