Thursday, April 17, 2008

What's with all the hats?

And well you might ask. Somehow I have managed to knock over two more hats - a Transformers Toque and a Chromosome Cap. Can you tell that both really appealed to my geekier sides?

The Transformers Toque was great fun to make and probably my most complex stranded colour work item. Mum is a whiz at colour work but it is something that I haven't really done much of. This particular one is destined for an adult friend of mine that has a bit of a Transformers thing. Of course the boys have thought to put in orders which were quickly rejected. Bevan even thought that it would be particularly nice if one side was one background colour and the other side a different background colour. Ah, the naivety of youth.

The Autobots side:

The Decepticon side:

This is knit in Hamilton Woollen Mills 8ply that I bought an age ago from Willabaa in town. From memory I paid 50c a 50g ball for a pack of ten. It has been the best 5 bucks ever spent. It seems to have the most unbelievable yardage. From one ball I had leftovers! The grey is Lincraft Cozy Wool, cheap and nice enough but a bugger that it only comes in 100g balls.

There were few mods. Due to using 8ply on 4mm needles instead of sport weight yarn, I had to start the decreases early and I sort of "winged" the top (including a 3-needle bind off because I wasn't feeling the grafting zen).

The Chromosome Cap is knit in SWTC Karaoke on 4.5mm needles in the large adult size without a single modification ( a miracle for me). Gotta love a project that is beautiful and geeky. :)

I also have a few works in progress - some Circle Socks which are my "mobile" project and a self-devised vest that is just resting whist I do a few small things....

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