Thursday, April 3, 2008

Some Finished Things.

I finished a hat for a dear friend of mine who is undergoing chemo for breast cancer at the moment. It is completely unfair that someone under 40 should suffer from breast cancer but she is a stubborn wench so I doubt this will beat her. The weather here has turned cold of late and I imagine that she is more than a little chilly.

The details. Made from a little over one ball of Bamboozle from Lincraft using the Herringbone Stitch Chemo Cap pattern from Fiber Rhythms. I am not sure that the pattern and the yarn are a perfect match but the final product is deliciously soft and that was the objective. Just as well the fabric this yarn makes is so lovely as the yarn itself was made by the devil himself! It is splitty and extremely unforgiving.

I finally got around to making another Seamless Baby Kimono for one of the fecund folk at Curtain Call Performing Arts Studio where I take dance lessons. I am not sure which of the two latest mothers will get this and which will get the Seamless Kimono Sweater that I made the other week. I am tempted to wrap them both alike and let chance decide.

The technical details. My pattern, Jolly Jumbuck 8ply Diana in Spring Fling colourway with Fling Pink trim. Only mod is an i-cord tie.


Stitch Sista said...

Best wishes to your friend! I hope she beats it.

I too found the bamboozle unbearably difficult to work with, hence why I have 3 unused balls sitting in my stash!

sue said...

Wishing your friend lots of strength and good health too as she goes through her ordeal.
The hat looks great and will definately keep out the chills for her. The kimono is adorable.