Saturday, May 3, 2008

So very, very slack....

Has it really been so long since I last blogged? Surely not, but alas it is true. I could claim all manner of business but really I am not sure where the time has gone. We have been busy, but then again with two adults and three kids life is always pretty much hectic. Hectic in a nice way, not hectic in a "oh my God my head is going to explode" sort of way. But still a fortnight has come and gone and there has not been a word from me - well at least not on this blog.

So what have I been up to? In actuality there has been a slight lull in life these last two weeks. It is teaching round time at Uni so whilst all the other students are out learning how to teach, I have had two weeks off learning how to teach dance and drama. As much as I have been enjoying classes it has been nice to have a few less hectic Thursdays without 6 hours of classes.

I have been doing quite a bit of knitting. I outdid myself by creating a large knitted penis for my Hash, now there is something to put on the resume! I will spare you a photo. I also finally finished my 22/7 vest. See, here it is.....

Best you excuse the dopey look on the face and frizzy hair - be warned people this is what happens when the curly-haired uses her husband's conditioner! The main premise of this vest is that the stripes represent Pi to the 23rd decimal place (including the waist band). Okay, very geeky but don't you love the stripe pattern? The pattern was designed on the fly. I haven't written it up as yet, but as I wear it I like it more and more so it might just make it to paper. Having said that it is definitely not rocket science!

It is knit in left over Bendigo Woolen Mills 12ply rustic that I had originally bought to make a laptop bag. Have I blogged that? Oh well here it is if I didn't.

I started it using a pattern from Not Your Mama's Knitting and finished it using my own common sense. The pattern was just oddly written so I gave up and went my own way. It is quite nice and it is far more fashionable than the education-department-issue-black-jobby.

I also whipped the boys up an Autobot face washer to make up for the fact that they are definitely not getting a Transformers hat each. There response to the generous gift of my time and labour? "Great, can you make a Decipticon one too?" I think that means they like it or maybe they just like to see me suffer.

And lastly I have finished one circle sock. These are so cool and I am loving the gorgeous bright yarn from Susanne at Susanne's House of Wool. These are my "portable project" that travels in my handbag so they get worked on intermittently. I am near to the heel flap on the second sock. With my little size 6 feet, that adds up to pretty closed to done!

Well my apologies for the tardiness. I am sure all three of my regular readers are bereft without me.


Stitch Sista said...

Some cool stuff there Jack! The vest is a winner!

I'm letting my blog subscriptions pile up for a rainy day...I am 53 posts behind...but it beats having nothing to read!

Amanda said...

Great vest and I'm pretty partial to the bag and socks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the leftovers!

I've made one bowl with enough leftover for at least another. Pics on my blog.