Sunday, May 4, 2008

Motor Neurone Disease Week

This is my Uncle Frans and Auntie Shirley. Frans is an MND sufferer. Click on the newspaper article to read a little about his life and the changes that have occured since his diagnosis. Next week is national MND week - a chance to raise awareness of this insidious disease and raise much needed funds for research and the support of people like my aunt and uncle.

Frans is now confined to an electric wheelchair and relies on a LightWRITER to speak and communicate. He now does a mean Stephen Hawkings impression! There are also a myriad of other devices that make his and Shirley's lives better. None of these things are cheap and many are provided by MND Victoria.

I am sure if you had a few cents to spare the good folk at MND Victoria would be sure to put it to very good use. There will also be stalls set up in most major shopping centres throughout the week, it would be lovely if you could buy a little something.


vanderbom said...

Thank-you Jacki, thats very thoughtful to be included on your site. As you can see I can still use the computer! It's going to be a tough day when I can't handled that anymore. love you all Uncle Frans

knitting dragon said...

My grandfather passed away due to MND 10 years ago. My thoughts go out to your family.