Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Just waiting for a button

Over the last few weeks I have been working on a little jacket for my nearly-one-year-old friend Holly. It is the kick arse time of the year isn't it? I could have had this finished weeks ago but for a poor choice of yarn first time round and a seemingly never-ending stream of social engagements and obligations. Not that I am complaining - it beats the hell out of having no one to socialise with and nothing to do - but it sure is eating into my crafting time!

Anyways, let me introduce Holly's Jacket, knit in worsted weight yarn (I am sure the Americans are excited and the Aussies are cursing me) in a size 1. Top down, no seams - all the things I like in a pattern. It is just waiting for a button then I will publish the final photos and the pattern for anyone who is interested.

The stripe is an artifact of having not enough of either colour to finish the project. Curse using a discontinued, even if delectable, yarn like Merino Supreme. In fact without the help of the lovely Tania we wouldn't have even gotten this far.


Beak said...

love your work! I hope you don't mind, I just posed a link to your kimono pattern over on my blog. I spotted someone's finished version on Flickr.

I am admin of a group called -we're trying to encourage people to give handmade things for the holidays and we'd love to have you in the group.

Beak said...

Sorry! bad HTML tag...it's called Handmade Holiday. Hope you can join us!

sue said...

I love that little cardigan, and the ruffle edging is gorgeous. Cant wait for the pattern.

Jack said...

I don't mind at all Beak, in fact I am quite flattered. :)