Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Handmade Christmas

Well another one has come and gone! There were dozens of amazing gifts but I thought I would share some of the handmade ones that we got this year.

There is something special about handmade gifts. It is about the time and love that goes into them and the fact that they are one-off things that will never be produced in just the same manner again. I have already shown you my beautiful socks from Sam, so here are a few other gems that graced our Christmas.

Mum "whipped" these hats up for the boys using these charts for the two Stars Wars ones. I am not sure where she got the chart for the Thomas hat but it was originally for a jumper and was modified for the hat. The boys loved them. Bevan wore his for hours even though it was fairly warm.

And just for interest sake, this is what the inside of Thomas looks like. I told Mum not to bother weaving in the ends and I am sure you can see why...

The last item of show and tell is the amazing Gingerbread house that my Brother's partner Patricia put together. She has done these before for us (she assures us that it is essential due to her German heritage) but had declared that she did not have time this year. The German side got the better of her and apparently she put this together Christmas Eve. She then carried it on the tram and train for two hours. Now that is dedication!

The gifts that I made went over well. Sam and Tania told me they loved their project bags and I must confess to being pretty happy myself with how they turned out.

The knitted things for the girls were well received as were the dresses. Tayla put her shrug on and refused to take it off! I have photos but forgot to ask their parents about publishing them. maybe another day. Unfortunately I made Patricia's OSW a little small but I will fix that and send it down to her. Brett and Ant seemed happy with their woollies and Ant was particularly pleased with my last minute ear warmer for Holly - apparently it was just what was needed. Gran seemed to think her washcloth was pretty but I am not sure she realised I made it.

Oh well.....

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Tracy said...

Those hats are amazing! I think I'll have to try and make the stars wars ones for my boys!