Thursday, December 20, 2007

While we are showing Christmas knitting.

I also made these for my friend Antoinette (hopefully she isn't reading, if you are Anty, rest assured they are much better in the flesh).

There is an Unoriginal Hat from the lovely Yarn Harlot knit in Cleckheaton Vintage Hues. I had to add a few extra cables in to compensate for the lighter yarn and I also did an extra repeat of the whole pattern for the same reason. I have never used this yarn before and I have to say that I quite taken, I love the look that it has created. Here is a close up of the cables. I will probably be lynched by the yarn snobs for saying it, but the look of the yarn knit up puts me to mind of the Noro yarns.

The scarf is the Reversible Cable Scarf by Mary-Heather Cogar. Such a wonderfully clever pattern. Something I would never have thought of doing. Again I love the way that it has accented the colours in the yarn. I am very pleased.

Another close up if you can stand it....

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