Saturday, February 17, 2007

My latest knitting project.

I just finished my first pair of shorties. Travelling with my "cut your teeth without spending a fortune" philosophy, they are knit using a free pattern from Nappycino in Cleckheaton Naturals (Ink) from Spotlight. I am fairly happy with them. The crotch is not the neatest (there was a little tidying up done with the needle at the end) and I had to pull it back once which has left some bits a tad wonky. All things considered though, they look okay and will keep my baby's butt dry.

By the way, the legs aren't a different length, for some reason the photo makes one look longer than the other.


Sam said...

hey hey! you finished! looks great you clever woman-of-many-talents!

Tracy said...

They look wonderful. Well done ;)