Tuesday, February 6, 2007

My little guy started school.

Just like Sam's Patrick, my Duncan started school this week too. He was so ready to start and seems to be loving it. He tells me he spends his playtimes with "his bestfriend" Patrick, who unfortunately is in the other prep class but that could actually be a good thing.

Anyway, here are some shots of my big school boy, my bigger school boy and one of the baby just for balance.

On a completely different note, I bought some nappies from Mel at Beetlebums. I can do nothing but rave about the product and her service! She rocks.


Sam said...

don't you love how 'little' preps look in the first term.. their bags are bigger than they are, and their shirts and dresses seem to hang down around their ankles ;)

Carola Crunch said...

Aren't they all so adorable! I can't believe how big Duncan is right now.

Bec said...

Gorgeous pics :) :) Melts your heart seeing them all ready for school :)