Saturday, February 24, 2007

Just a few things to show you all.

Wow how the time flies. It has been a week since I posted a thing. Anyway, what have I been up to?

I made this little lovely - I think that the fabric is just great in a bag. I need to make a matching roll and then it is off to it's new owner. I am hoping she will be well pleased.

I also finished this today while the boys did gymnastics. It is a piggy tail hat for my Goddaughter Tayla being expertly modelled by Big Ted. It is a mix of about three patterns with a little of my own thought put in for good measure. I best get my backside into gear now and finish one for her sister Keisha.

And one from Mum. I threw this pattern at Mum that I found here one night whilst I was surfing around. This one is for Duncan (our lovely model) and Mum is currently doing one for Rohan in the reverse colours and one for Bevan with red background and black skulls. Jack Sparrow colours he tells us.


Sam said...

I LOVE that fabric! Is there an Ikea near Malvern? hehehe - another one to add to the itinery. Your mum is a deadset legend! I'm very inspired by Mrs. S.

tikki said...

That fabric and the bag is just gorgeous!!! How could anyone not love that. :D

And wow, your mum is definitely a super knitter, that is an awesome beanie!!!