Sunday, June 5, 2011

So I am not the only crafter in the house.

While Jason and Bevan were outside making the back gardens more dog-proof than they previously were, Duncan and I did some crafting together. Sometime ago I taught Duncan how to use the sewing machine and he made a little bag (probably didn't blog that but it cute and a fair first attempt). Today he decided that he wanted to make himself a heat pack.

He did everything from choosing the fabric to the final product with the exception that I threaded the machine. The finished heat pack is pretty good. A little wonky down one side but still very functional and funky.

Seeing as I had the machine out and running I decided to whip up a hot water bottle cover for Rohan who has quite taken to this charmingly old-fashioned heating method. For weeks I have been filling the bottle and lamenting that, whilst warm, the rubber is hardly snugly. Well, with the machine threaded and fabric on the table I really had run out of excuses!

See, much snuglier. :)

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