Saturday, May 28, 2011

Well now let me see...

A few things have happened since last we did meet.

Jason and I celebrated our 15th Wedding anniversary. Okay it isn't 50 years but I still think we are doing pretty well.

To celebrate in style we ditched the children with various relos and friends and took off on a 12 night cruise of the South Pacific (Pentecost Island, Port Vila, Port Denerau, Suva and the Isle of Pines to be precise). Some photos to make you jealous....

Is that the greatest hat you've ever seen. There was a slight theme to the adventure. The next few photos might give it away....

You're quite correct, the weather was stunning (and a lot of drinking was done). I did manage to get my Hedera socks in Lang Jawoll Magic finished whilst away. It does suck sitting on your own private balcony knitting away in the sunshine. Really it does.

The pattern is adorable but I have to say, with all due respect to my mother who purchased this yarn, if Wollmeise is Hitler’s apology for World War II this yarn is his last act of revenge! It is sticky and fluffy and the ball is terrible (reball if you do buy it). Thankfully it is also very cozy and very pretty. In defence of Mum, I would probably have picked it off the shelf too.

I also cast on Batik on the ship and finished blocking it today! I had about 20 cm left of a skein of 80/20 Wollmeise in Mistelzweig (we're different). That is just a little tighter than I like to run it usually!

But the result is truly stunning. I love the combination of the cables and lace, especially with the twisted stitches.

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