Monday, July 6, 2009

Marriage and the art of the school holidays

Today is my parent's 46th wedding anniversary. That is not a typo - forty-six! That is one hell of an effort any way you look at it. I have been married 13 years. Jas and I have been together now for 17. Most of those years have been marvelous, but I think any married person will tell you that there are times that aren't so great too. There are times that you could easily pack your bags and walk away without a moments thought, yet you don't.

I have seen my parents marriage and take it as an example. I know there were times that were less than great. I know that there were times when either one of them could have walked away. I also know that they hung on despite this and they have had many great and happy times together in that 46 years. Making a commitment to stay with one person forever isn't an easy one.

Jason and I married young, or at least what is considered young these days. I was 24 and he was 22. I sometimes say that we are still together as much through good luck as good management. What I mean by that is that we are both quite different people to who we were as young adults. Thankfully the changes have been positive (or at least bearable) and we still love the person that the other has become. In many ways it could have easily gone the other way.

On a less serious topic it is school holidays. Oh how I love school holidays. I know that some parents dread it but I love the casual, relaxed nature of a school holidays spent at home. I love the lack of time constraints and the lack of pressure (and I confess, the lack of work). Currently the kids are still in their jammies. Bevo is on the computer completing a very important Scooby Doo related photo collage and the two youngest ones are entertained with a cubby made from the couch, the coffee table and two blankets. They probably should be dressed but where's the hurry? We aren't going anywhere.

I also love that the holidays is a chance to tackle some of those bigger jobs that seem to much trouble for the weekends. So far I have sorted all the boys clothes, taking the too small to a friends house and shuffling the rest down a boy. I love that my kids are so unconcerned about these things that they are excited to receive "new" clothes from their bigger brothers. I also finally tackled the bathroom cupboard in our ensuite. I am sure that I haven't organised that since we renovated nearly 5 years ago! The knitting stuff in the lounge also got a going over. Needles back where they belong and all that jazz.

I have also got a little knitting done in the hols.

Pattern: Omo Scarf by Lucia Tedesco
Yarn: Cashmere 8ply from Ebay
Needles: 5mm
Comments: I just love this scarf. The pattern is beautifully textured without being fussy and easily remembered being just two rows.

Pattern: Hannah by Blake Ehrlich
Yarn: Cleckheaton Merino Supreme
Needles: 6mm
Comments: This is my new hash hat. I need to have my hair ponied to run and my old headband had lost it's elasticity. The only mod I made was to add about 3cm to the hat as I wanted it further down my ears. This thing whipped up so quickly. Even with pulling all the decreases to make it a little larger, it still only took about 3 hours.

Work continues on my Rose Ribbon Shawl. I anticipate an end very shortly.


Stitch Sista said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Jack's mum and dad!!

Well as you know, my DH still loves me after many years together and 10 years of marriage - otherwise why would he agree to drive me to Bendigo to stitch and bitch on our anniversary lol?!!

Alrischa said...

My hubby must still love me, because he kicks me out regularly... to have a few hours shopping on my own Ü

Must make him something for our coming 10 year Anniversary...

School holidays sound pretty relaxed to me, too. Perhaps you just need to have kids that don't fight with each other much.

Cybèle said...

Lovely post about marriage, very true what you write. Unfortunately mine broke down after 7 years (after 13 years together), I think it was very much a case of us both having changed and not 'matching' anymore. I wish it was different, I got married with the idea I was going to grow old with him. Five years down the line and I've met someone else, but I'll never take a relationship for granted again. I hope I will grow old with him, but I do know too that relationships sometimes do end. I just try and enjoy what we have.
Love all the knitting projects you've posted about lately.
And my kids have just finished school for 6 weeks, and apart from the first week where I'm trying to juggle work with kids, I can't wait for the relaxed pace of life!