Monday, June 29, 2009

Where to start?

I finally think I am fully back in the land of the living. At least I am finally getting up to posting an update of sorts.

The school holidays are here and I am enjoying a relaxing day at home with the kids. No pressure for any of us. Just bumming around doing whatever we want. Bevan only got dressed because I needed him to pop to the shops for some bread for lunch. Failing that I am convinced he would still be in his jammies. I did a little housework and have just been pottering besides.

I have been doing some knitting since last I posted, although I must confess, not a whole lot. Most of this stems from falling down the stairs (think from 1st floor to ground) and tearing a rotator cuff muscle in my shoulder. For a few weeks there knitting was just a touch to painful. Luckily though it was/is my left shoulder and although it is a long way from "right" I can knit pretty easily now. Ballet however is a whole other question.

The finished objects...

Pattern: Children's Hooded Tunic #232 by Diane Soucy
Yarn: Luxury 8ply from Bendigo Woollen Mills in Brick
Needles: 4.5mm
Comments: This is the new yarn from BWM and I cannot rave enough about it! It is soft and fluffy, knits beautifully and goes through the machine without an eye flutter. In my opinion it is far superior to any of their other yarns. An absolute winner.

Pattern: Edna Rose by me.
Yarn: Jo Sharp DK Silkroad Tweed in Berry
Needles: 4mm
Comments: I modified this to make a slouchy hat rather than a beanie style as the pattern was originally written. I cast on 100sts for the rib and then did an increase row of k4, kfb before commencing the pattern. In reality I probably picked the wrong combo of yarn and pattern for this but the end result isn't bad. If I was to do another (and I might), I would use a lighter yarn and switch to 4.5mm needles for the body of the hat.

My current WIP is a Rose Ribbon Shawl by Evelyn Clark in Kauni (EP colourway). It is great fun and running along. Pictures will come when it is finished. I also have to start another hoodie for Duncan as his is getting a little small and he loves it so much. I have some navy and white Luxury to knit him a "Geelong" hoodie. Should get onto that but the lace does becon....

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Amanda said...

out your fall, sounds awful. But pleased to see you are blogging again.