Saturday, November 22, 2008

A sweet diversion.

Have I mentioned before that I love Ravelry?

A few weeks ago I grabbed a pile of older mags of a destash thread on Rav. I am one of these sickos that loves to be surrounded by books and magazines. So much inspiration, so many starting points, so many great ideas! Browsing them yesterday at Maccas with the girls I came across a cute little cupcake pin cushion pattern in Knit Today (a UK mag). Not having a real reason to make them, I reasoned that I would buy some nice pins and give them to some of the chics in my life for Christmas.

As kismet would have it, I was heading from Maccas to shopping with Ma and Pa. Yes, I am so tragic that I go shopping with my folks every week. If you must know, I really like it. Mum and I check out the yarn aisle, Dad and Rohan do the toys, we all do our groceries and then we have coffee.

Would you believe that Kmart are clearing out yarns? So here I was with the very cute cupcake pattern in my mind and cheap Cleckheaton Country and Panda Starshine at my dispossal. What is a girl to do? I quickly selected some suitably cupcakish colours and headed to the registers (with a Thomas engine that Rohan had chosen with Pa, a whole other story ::insert eye rolling here::).

Once the groceries had been collected and rehomed in the pantry I just had to start. Shortly there after kismet inetrevened again and my dear friend Antoinette popped over with my little handknit princess, Holly and the beautiful (and asleep) Wil. Anty saw the cupcake in creation and declared that it was perfect given that Holly is recieving a tea set for Christmas. This was quickly followed by a request to have some made should she purchase the yarn.

Well, I have been debating back and forth for weeks as to what to do about Holly's birthday on the 20th (yep, 5 days before Christmas, a very inconvenient birthing ;)). I really did want to make her something but was struggling for inspiration. So Anty was told that no yarn purchase would be required and Holly is getting cupcakes to go with her tea set and I now have a proper reason to make some of the adorably cute things.

I am now contemplating a knitted cake for Christmas.....


Stitch Sista said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous...(and hungry making LOL)

Kylie said...

Oh yumm - I am a little hooked on the woolen food variety at the moment too!

Anonymous said...
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