Sunday, November 30, 2008

Blisters, Puzzles and a Good Idea

Blister is done! This has turned out so much better than I anticipated. It was shaping up nicely but after blocking it has just come into it's own. This is lace scarf number four and I am still amazed at the difference blocking makes. It is now so light and airy (check the photo with the light behind it).

Once again, for the record, the pattern is Monika Steinbauer's Three Sisters Scarves #3. It is knit in Araucania Ranco Solid in the Moss Colourway. The whole thing was done on 3.75mm needles.

I have moved onto the pink and white silk/wool blend that I bought at the market last week. My goodness this yarn is just divine! It is just so lovely in the hand and the colours are beautiful and finding a pattern for it has been a big fat PAIN in the behind! Now there's the Pink Puzzle.

I originally tried something from the Luxury One Skein Wonders book that (once I traced a ton of errata on the net) was just a little too busy with the variegation. I have always said "pattern or variegation". I then had a fiddle with designing something myself. It has come to my attention that I am not that great at designing lace.

Finally I went back to a person who has done me well before - Monika Steinbauer. I decided upon Monica's Three Sisters Scarves #1. It is simple enough to really work with the yarn and I think it is coming along swimmingly. I have done it two repeats narrower, mainly due to my concern that I might not have enough yarn at the original width.

Trust me, once it is blocked it will be magnificent!

And lastly the good idea. I can't really claim this as original, I am quite sure I saw something similar on Knitty Gritty at some stage. But here you go anyway. Get an old blank CD container, ram your centre pull ball onto the spool and put it on the floor to knit from. Not only does the yarn feed really nicely from the ball, it also doesn't roll everywhere and it stays nice and clean! Genuis I tells you.


Tracy said...

Wow the scarfs look wonderful!

I love the cd idea

Sam said...

genius? agree(1)

Amanda said...

Beautiful scarves. I just love the transformation of lace blocking.