Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Woolly Mail!

Well woolly mail and woolly market purchases....

This is divine (did I mention divine) Nirvana Soft Spun from Zen String in the Valentino colourway. Oh my goodness!! DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR!! This stuff is just gorgeous.

I received a parcel from Irene at Jolly Jumbuck containing some luscious Achilles sock yarn in purple haze colourway. I also have this yarn in chokolat colourway that I have finished one sock in. No photos of it yet though, more about it later....

And at the Talbot Farmer's Market in Sunday I not only caught up with Frank for a lovely sticky white, I also snagged 500g of natural Corriedale grown locally. I am very much looking forward to some dyeing .

And while we were at the market I was conned by the boys into buying these two. Two cute little quails that live at the bottom of the cockatiel aviary. The little darlings even lay! We now have 3 tiny little quail eggs!

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