Saturday, January 5, 2008

Beth insists I post the details of this little gift!

My dear friend Beth has had to go home to her family in the States at short notice due to an illness in the family. Now it has taken me many years to indoctrinate the girl into the Australian ways of environmentalism and conservation, so I couldn't bear the thought of her heading home and falling back into the rampant consumerism of the "Yankies".

To help her on her way I whipped her up this coffee mitt from the book One Skein Wonders in 100purewool merino worsted (June colourway). Apparently it has been quite a hit in Starbucks across the greater Sac and San Fran areas (notice how I know the Lingo ;)). Not only that but she has been extolling the virtues of environmental conservatism. Ladies and Gentleman, we have a winner! Now if only I could teach her to spell like an Aussie....

Hey Beth. Thinking of you all Sweetie.

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