Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Why yes, there has been things going on. Why do you ask?

Yep, there have been many things going on. You know, this and that and a little of the other, followed quickly by stuff and ending with things. Life, it has a nasty way of getting in the way of other stuff. Just as well it is punctuated by good fun, good friends and good times.

Yes, there has been crafting going on at my place. There was much Christmas knitting that came off the needles and was wrapped so speedily that none of it was photographed. Sorry, but you will just have to believe me that the kids' teachers liked there hand-knitted hats (for the gents) and Ishbel (for Mary). As for everyone else, no knitted gifts last year (well except for Sam, but I did start her socks about 400 years ago), maybe this year they will have more luck.

At the moment I seem to have started much and finished little. I did do a few knitted things for my friend Lucy's little baby Tom. Lucy is a mad keen Geelong Cats fan so I made her a little hat and matching socks, designed to fit come the football season. Yet again I forgot to take a finished shot but here they are minus finishing. Sorry, dodgy phone shot, but I really only took it to show a friend what I was up to!

Lucy also got a baby kimono and matching hat when Tom actually arrived (the others were baby shower gifts) but again no photo. Are you detecting a trend?

Other than those I have so many things unfinished. There is this....

I love it. I love the cabling, I love the colour but alas I don't have enough of the Bendigo melody to do full sleeves and I just can't decide whether to finish it as a vest, finish it as a tee or just frog it and find something else for the yarn. Thoughts?

I have started this too...

I like to call it "Fugly but Snuggly". It is just using up the bazillions of left over yarn scraps about the place. It is not the prettiest thing in the world but it is warm and it will get finished and probably donated to charity unless
someone claims it earlier.

I have also knitted a kimono jumper and hat about the same time as I did Tom's kimono but both are waiting for finishing and for a little girl to wear them I really do like them and I am hoping that another friend of mine produces the aforementioned bambino.

So just incase I didn't have enough WIPs lying around the place I decided that I should just start something else!

This is the Topside Cardi by Vickie Howell knit in the most glorious Pear Tree Merino in a colour not nearly done justice here. If you can believe me, it is a gorgeous apple green that is just as soft as butter. It only has the bands and sleeves to go so maybe it has half a chance of getting finished some time soon.

Well, that was cathartic! I feel all up to date now and way less neglectful!

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