Saturday, March 31, 2012

Beeroramafest II

Just feeling a trifle weary this morning, maybe as a result of the running of Beeroramafest II at our place last night. So much home brew (the craft of the male member of the household) and so little time, not to mention nearly $400 raised for the local dementia respite centre in town.

School holidays are here at last and hopefully I might get some time to work on Fugly. That ugly little blanket and I have bonded and it is making steady progress. I also hope/plan/desire to clean out the huge array of toys that reside here. The problem with having three boys is that by number 3 you own pretty much every boy's toy know to modern civilisation and a few other random ones unearthed from the nether regions.

Stay tuned, hopefully these things will happen!

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