Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I love School Holidays

It isn't just that this humble little teacher doesn't have to go to work (although I confess that that particular point is very appealing) it is more that the world just turns at a slower pace.

There is time to make Dutch Pancakes for lunch and let the eldest help make them without having to hurry.

Okay I confess that it is actually just Aldi shake and make on the Dutch Pancake maker but we all still enjoyed them. As an aside, if, like me, you are too lazy to make pancakes from scratch I highly recommend the Aldi brand. For the other crunchies, I should also report that not only do they now have free trade organic chocolate and ground coffee (amongst many other fto products) but they have also just released free trade organic instant coffee.

There is also time for one of the kids to geek up the process by labelling seperate plates for each type of dutch pancake.

And some of us haven't even made it into clothes yet....

And there is crafting time to take on ridiculously big, out of season projects like this.

That is currently 4 balls of Patons Soft Haze becoming a big arse blanky! Jason thinks I am crazy but I'll show him.

Yep I love school holidays!

PS Merry **Insert Religious Day of Significance in here** and Happy New Year.


Fi said...

You are so right. The world does just seem to move slower.
Although I suspect in 2 weeks the days will begin to move too quickly.
Still - its only another 10w til a break :)

Stitch Sista said...

Happy New Year to you Jack! Glad you are enjoying your break :).