Thursday, January 21, 2010

Big Fluffy Blanky is DONE!

And it's huge! How huge you ask? Well here it it with 8 year old Duncan lying on it!

It ended up being most of 12 balls of Paton's Soft Haze in all so it weighs in at a little under 600g. I know that people poo-poo acrylic but knitting something that big in wool would just get completely unmanageable in one piece. The acrylic component makes it so much lighter but still warm and snuggly.

Damn it, let's look at another photo shall we? Minus the child this time.

The blocking was more or less successful although there is some edge roll as you can see. I don't really care though, this is an item for snuggling under not laying out on the floor. I can barely wait for it to get cold enough to use it properly!

So I have achieved something these holidays - one big arse, huge, fluffy blanky!


Lou's Mum said...

looks great! if your 8yo is as big as my 7yo (who's really probably as big as an 8yo, so I'm guessing he is!) then that's a big blanket for sure! well done :)

Sam said...

big-arse blanket is big arsed.

Amanda said...

A great achievement. It looks lovely.

Alrischa said...

Wow; that's HUGE! Hope it's as snuggly as it is beautiful :D