Monday, December 22, 2008

Progress at the Ponderosa

After a fairly slow start to all things I feel like the last few days have yielded some progress.

Christmas was all set to be a non-event here but I finally got around to doing some gift wrapping and there are now gifts under the tree. Okay, they will only be there for less than a week but better that than never! I also managed to get hold of Santa and he has started to organise the boys' gifts.

Yes people, that is a shed! A real live shed. And in front of the real live shed? Real live grass! I never saw us as the instant turf types but let me tell you, that stuff rocks. We chose instant turf because that particular variety drought tolerant to the point where a small amount of water once a fortnight (that is two weeks for the non-English speakers) keeps it green and lush. You can't buy it as seed and grow it yourself the old fashioned way. Between rain and the water tank we have installed, this lawn should always look like that.

It feels like things are happening. Now to start that pre-Christmas cleaning and organising.....


Sam said...

and yes, for the observant folks at home, that IS a toilet seat trophy hanging on the wall ;) Glad you've got the Christmas spirit Jack :)

missymoo84 said...

wow that's what I need! Instant lawn!!