Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas at Stitch n Bitch

Last Tuesday night saw Sam, Tania, Rach and I venture to our local "lake"side* restaurant for Stitch n Bitch - Christmas Style! Now excuse the quality of the dodgy phone camera photos but some silliness for your perusal...

My gorgeous socks from Sam. Socks For Veronik by Mona Schmidt knit in Yarn Cafe BFL sock, Golden Sun colourway. Aren't they beautiful? And check out my new shoes - it is a crime what you can get at Kmart for $30 these days.

Tania in her Pink Puzzle. I think she liked it, she wore it home!

Sam proudly displaying her Wollemeise scarf (I believe she shrieked when she realised she now owned Wollemeise) and the Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran she got from Tania. Look closely, it is in the shot....

And Tania modelling her socks from Sam and Fargyles (one made by Sam and one made by me). Check out that Panna Cotta. That stuff was choice!

Foolishly, I forgot to take a photo of the lovely handmade soap I got from Tan (and it is now in the shower and not fit for photography). I am not sure what the girl is saying about me but it was "Gin and Tonic" scent.... It is delicious with a hint of lime which I love.

Rachael is a new knitter and new to our little group but she loved the stitchmarkers that Sam made for her so she was not left out.

*I say this because our local lake has nought but a dribble of water in it. See here.


Kebeni said...

Just gorgeous!

Sam, that picture takes 'yarn whore' to a whole new level!LMAO

Sam said...

ha! Who needs a boob job when there are balls of yarn laying idle!