Saturday, February 23, 2008

So I guess it looks like I have done nothing!

That is of course if it is possible to do nothing with three kids, a husband and a job! Actually I have been remarkably busy and have been doing a lot of different things.

On a completely craftless note, yesterday I presented at the Science Teachers' Association of Victoria (STAV) Psychology Conference. Nothing Earth shattering, just a session for the starting out psych teacher filled with tips and such. The participants seemed satisfied that they hadn't wasted an hour they would never get back. That, after all, is what matters.

At the end of last year I also persented at STAVCON (I am quite sure you are all smart enough to work out what that means) on the topic of Literacy in Science. I guess twice might make this a habit. As I explained to a colleague yesterday it is probably well time that the next generation stepped up at these events and I feel like I am at a time in my career where I have something worthwhile to say.

On the knitting front I have been quite busy, although nothing that I am quite ready to show just yet. I have worked up two designs that I might just have a try at submitting to various places. Have I lost my mind? Maybe, but you never know till you try. Of course submission means that I have to keep them both hush hush and out of the public eye. My trusty friends Sam and Tania have graciously agreed to do some test knitting for me and at least one of the designs is just about ready to be photographed and sent away. It will probably be rejected but I think it is damn cute and I am prepared to give it a shot.

The second design is on my needles at the moment and I am most pleased with how it is coming along. I think Sam is going to help me out with a test knit of this one too. The joys of having obsessive knitters for friends.

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laughing purple goldfish said...

I've got my fingers crossed for you... how exciting to be submitting patterns! all the best