Saturday, February 2, 2008

Do you have one of my knitting bags?

Would you like to purchase a matching 1-2-Go bag but were to shy to ask? I have leftovers from most people's knitting bags, most of which are large enough for 1-2-Go bags. If you have previously purchased a knitting bag from me and would like me to make you a matching 1-2-Go bag, leave a comment or drop me an email at telling me the fabric that your bag is made with (outer and inner). If I have enough of that fabric left I will get onto making you a bag.

I make no guarantees that I have your fabric and I will not promise to make your 1-2-Go bag tomorrow, but it will get done if it can get done.

Just a special offer to say thank you to my past customers for their support.....

An example of matching knitting and 1-2-Go bags to whet your appetite...

Oh and Tracy.... Yours is coming I promise!


Tracy said...

Yipppeeee!Thank you :D

Lou's Mum said...

oh come on now! how on earth can I resist that!!

I'll email you :)

purps said...

I would LOVE a bag! I have been drooling over them. I know you won't be able to do a matching mermaids one, but is there any chance I could have a different one....pretty please?