Saturday, October 6, 2007

Shamelessly Passing on the Good Word!

I received some yarn today, some very lovely yarn. From the lovely ladies at Monster Knits Yarn Cafe! You can find their yarn here and here!

This is Corriedale Super Bulky in their Blue Fish colourway. Whilst it is absolutely not the season, this is just begging to become the most luscious scarf for next winter.

This is Nundle Mill 12ply in the Earth Sky colourway, I have to say that this photo just doesn't do the colours justice.

I must confess to being in awe of the dyers of wool. Whilst I think I have a reasonable eye for colour and pattern in fabric, I admit that I don't have the same skill when it comes to yarn. For some reason I have absolutely no idea what it is going to look like knit up and for that matter I have very little idea of any good colour combination. Not for me the custom dye slot - I would have no clue what to request.

My friend Sam on the other hand has the knack as do the marvellous ladies of MK (obviously, look at their work). She on the other hand claims that she just can't see the same thing in fabric. It is funny how essentially the same skill can be so difficult just because you change medium.

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Tania said...

Well I am constantly in awe of you all, because my craftiness is limited.